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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The Flute Quartets

I am so excited to share my new recording of the Mozart Flute Quartets. I perform on a wooden headjoint, the string players use gut strings instead of metal, we recorded the D and C Major Quartets with doublebass instead of cello, we ornament freely; all these ideas designed to advance the knowledge of performance practice on modern instruments, and to invigorate these beloved works with enthusiasm and energy. - Bart Feller, March 2012

Bart Feller, flute
John Feeney, bass
Daniel Panner, viola
Loretta O'Sullivan, cello
Krista Bennion Feeney, violin

Quartet in C Major
Quartet in G Major
Kyrie in D Minor
Quartet in A Major
Quartet in D Major

Bart Feller Mozart Flute Quartets
An Essay by John Feeney

About Bart's latest CD,
Mozart - The Flute Quartets
"Bart Feller has joined with an extraordinary group of artists to give us a delightful and a totally fresh experience of Mozart's flute quartets."

Paula Robison
International Concert Flutist and Professor, New England Conservatory.